When we show up to perform air conditioning service, people regularly ask us at what temperature they should set their AC. After all, we are their reliable air conditioning company and we should know, right?

Actually, it’s not that simple. For one thing, humidity levels affect comfort levels quite a bit. Higher humidity will make you feel warmer. If you keep your humidity levels up and your friend doesn’t, you’ll be warmer at your house even when your ACs are set at the same temperature. 

It’s up to each person and family, then, to figure out where they need to set their air conditioner to stay comfortable all summer long. 

Is 72 a Good Temperature for Air Conditioning?

While it’s true that many people are comfortable in a room that is 72 degrees, that’s not true for everyone. Our air conditioning service pros recommend doing some testing in your home to determine where your family is the most comfortable.

Start with the thermostat at 72 and see if anyone says anything. Are they cold? Hot? After a few days, bump the temperature up to 74 and see what happens. Keep moving the thermostat up by 2 degrees every few days until you get comments or complaints or until you are too hot.

Many people find that they can set their AC as high as 78 and not feel too hot. If some people are hot and others aren’t, try using a fan to add to the cooling power. These use less energy than the air conditioner and, when aimed directly at a hot person, can help them cool down quickly. 

Save Money On Cooling Costs

Not sure why you would run a test like this? Raising the temperature in your home can save you money each month. In fact, you can save between 3% and 5% on your energy costs for every degree you turn up the thermostat. If you raise it from 74 to 78, you might save $20-$30 a month. That may not seem like much but it adds up over time!

Call your local Wyoming air conditioning company at Valley City Mechanical to find out more about how you can save money on AC costs each month. You can also schedule air conditioning service with one of our experts. We’ll come out and make sure your air conditioner is in top shape, clean it out, and fix any problems we find.

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