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Sewer & Drain Cleaning in Walker, MI

When you need the assistance of a professional for something that is going on with your plumbing, turn to Valley City Mechanical’s staff. We offer expert service for drain cleaning and sewer cleaning, and will make sure that things are okay and operating as they should be at your property in Walker. To have an obstruction or blockage taken care of by our trusted team of plumbers, reach out to us today!

Sewer Cleaning at Walker, MI Properties

The plumbing experts on our staff are able to get your septic cleaned out if anything is stuck in there and creating issues at your place in Walker. We have top-of-the-line camera equipment that we use to examine situations within the sewer system and determine how to go about remediating them. The results from the inspection provide us with the information we need to do sewer cleaning.

Drain Cleaning Experts in Walker, MI

If you have a clogged up sink, shower, or tub that’s affecting drainage, place a call to our team. We can get a plumber out to you quickly and they will take a look at the issue and decide whether it’s something that can be resolved by using a plumbing snake, or if we will need to use a drain cleaning machine. Regardless of what is blocking your drain or how stuck it is, we are sure to find a way to get it out and get things flowing again.

Walker’s Top Sewer and Drain Company

Valley City Mechanical is here to help whenever you have a blockage in your sewer lines or clogged up drain. Our plumbers are trained professionals who have expert equipment to handle all your sewer and drain cleaning needs. To schedule services for your property in Walker, call us at (616) 591-4786 or contact us online.

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