Hydro Jetting in Kentwood

Are you trying to get rid of a stubborn clog in your home or your sewer line? Do you feel like you’ve tried everything but that clog is still there?

If this is you, then hydro jetting might be the solution you’ve been looking for. Call us at Valley City Mechanical today and ask about hydro jetting in Kentwood. We’ll get to you fast and help you decide if our hydro jetting services are right for you.

What is Hydro Jetting?

hydro jetting kentwood mi

Hydro jetting sounds technical, but all it means is that we will shoot a concentrated stream of water into your pipes. We can control the pressure of this stream and aim it, too, so we can clean off the sides of your pipes and/or break up clogs. The water pressure can get high enough to break up scale and even some tree roots.

Some people worry that hydro jetting isn’t safe. However, as long as your plumbing is relatively modern and in good condition outside of the clog, hydro jetting is completely safe. Our team will evaluate your plumbing before we even consider hydro jetting and we’ll let you know if there are any contraindications to its use.

When Do You Use Hydro Jetting?

We call on our hydro jetting services team in a number of situations. This method can be used to:

  • Break up sewer clogs. Instead of digging up your pipes, we’ll clean them out by shooting water down them from the access hatch in your home or your yard. This saves you time and money because you don’t have to replace trees, walkways, and more when we’re through.
  • Clean off your pipes. If you call us for sewer maintenance, we’ll use hydro jetting to clean any grime or mineral buildup off the sides of your pipes. When we’re done, they’ll look brand new!
  • Get rid of clogs in outdoor drains. It’s never a good idea to stick something that uses electricity down an outdoor drain and, with hydro jetting, we won’t have to. We’ll get rid of that clog and keep everyone safe, too!

Call us at Valley City Mechanical in Kentwood and ask about hydro jetting today. If it’s a good solution for your home and your problems, we’ll get the work completed fast so you can get on with your life. Make your appointment with our experts today!

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