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Grandville Drain Cleaning


For any sort of issue clogging up the plumbing system at your property in Grandville, turn to the Valley City Mechanical staff. Our sewer cleaning and drain cleaning experts have more than a decade of combined experience helping out the community’s home and business owners and offering them top-notch service. Even on an emergency basis, we can come out and clear away whatever is causing a problem.

Grandville’s Sewer & Drain Cleaning Pros

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At the first sign that things aren’t draining properly at your place in Grandville, reach out to us and we will send a specialist out promptly. We have expert equipment that we can use to examine the depths of your sewage system and that will help us determine how to proceed.

We can either use a plumbing snake or drain cleaning equipment to get rid of whatever is blocking your lines. Regardless of the method we choose to solve the issue, you can trust that things will be back to normal in no time.

Maintenance for Sewers & Drains

Avoid needing to call us for sewer or drain cleaning in Grandville by making sure your plumbing system is continually in good condition. Valley City Mechanical offers a Whole House Drain Maintenance Program that includes cleaning sinks and lavatory traps, inspecting toilets for how they flush and fill, calibrating drainage systems and checking them with a camera, and fixing any issues we find along the way.

Sewer Cleaning and Drain Cleaning in Grandville

For all clog-related concerns, reach out to Valley City Mechanical. Our sewer and drain cleaning staff are waiting by at all times to answer your call for help in Grandville. Reach out to us online or by dialing (616) 591-4786.

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