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Grand Rapids AC, & Heating Service

Helping Kent County for Half a Decade

When you need help with AC or heating repairs, Valley City Mechanical is ready to assist. We offer around-the-clock heating and air conditioning services in Grand Rapids so that home and business owners can get the work they need to be done as soon as an issue arises. Our expert technicians can handle installation, repairs, and maintenance of all system types. You can count on us to keep everything running efficiently and as it should at your Grand Rapids property.

Receive a free estimate for Valley City Mechanical’s services. Reach us at (616) 229-2624 or through our website.

Expert HVAC Assistance

For years now, property owners in Kent County have turned to Valley City Mechanical because they know we are fast and reliable. Our technicians are available 24/7 and are experienced in working with all types of furnaces, heat pumps, boilers, and both traditional air conditioning and ductless split systems.

Valley City Mechanical can also assist with problems like:

  • Air quality services so your Grand Rapids property can stay free of pollutants

Offering Convenience to Customers

Valley City Mechanical offers free estimates for services, will handle the paperwork for utility rebates, and make sure that you have appliances that are getting you the most for your money. 

Call us for a no-cost estimate at (616) 591-4786.

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