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Why You May Need More Drain Cleaning in the Winter

Do you feel like you end up calling a plumber about drain cleaning at least once every winter? Some of our customers call us several times! Winter definitely sees more clogged drains than any other time of year. Many of our customers wonder why. Here’s our answer to that query.

More People + More Events = More Blockages

Winter tends to be a busy time, with holidays, parties, family visits, and more. It’s not unusual for your home to have three or four times as many visitors during the cold months than it does any other time of year!

All of this – people, stress, party planning, food making – can put extra stress on your plumbing. There are more people using the toilets (and flushing who-knows-what down them!), more people putting things down the garbage disposal, and a higher demand for both fresh water and sewage services.

This can be more than your system can handle and may mean that you need to unclog drains regularly!

Clogged Drains are Gross!

Sure, most homeowners can look up “How to unclog my drain” and follow the instructions they find online. But most people don’t have time for that during the busy winter months. Since there are more people around, they can’t just live with a clogged drain until they have time to deal with it, either. More and more people rely on drain cleaning in the winter.

You may also end up with stubborn clogs in the winter, ones that you can’t get rid of on your own. If Grandma insists on putting her coffee grounds down the garbage disposal every day or Cousin Kate won’t pour the fat from her prime rib anywhere but the kitchen sink, you have a recipe for a difficult clog. These usually require the services of a plumber in order to unclog the drains.

Avoid Bad Smells!

The smells from a clogged drain can be so offputting that you need to call for drain cleaning right away. If people won’t use a bathroom because the sink is clogged and the place smells, you need to get rid of that clog right away. Calling for drain cleaning may be the easiest way to keep everyone happy without blowing your stress levels through the roof.

Contact us at Valley City Mechanical whenever you need drain cleaning, whether it’s in the winter or at any other time of year. We’ll be there soon to get your plumbing flowing normally again!

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