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Fall Plumbing Tips

One of the many things that property owners have to keep track of is all the seasonal needs of their systems and appliances. Fall brings colorful leaves, holiday cheer, but also a few household responsibilities. As the months go by and the temperatures begin to drop, there are a few things you should do to make sure that your place’s plumbing is fall-proofed.

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Have any exposed pipes insulated

Make sure that pipes that are open to cold air are protected with sleeves or insulation tape so that they do not freeze and burst. This should be done in unheated areas like garages, basements, and exterior pipes and faucets.

Get water heater maintenance done

Hot water heaters work extra hard in the colder months, so make sure it is in good condition to serve you during them. It can be flushed to rid of sediments from hard water, or replaced if need be.

Disconnect any hoses

These can crack, leak, and cause a flood from expanding in freezing temperatures. Drain them, disconnect them, and bring them inside for the season.

Remember to shut off the water before leaving for a while

If you plan to leave the property vacant for a few days, turn off the water and drain the pipes to protect from freezing temperatures causing them to burst.

Clean out your gutters regularly

Fall means lots and lots of leaves everywhere, which is a beautiful sight, but bad news for gutters. Make sure to have them cleared so they aren’t clogging up and blocking drainage.

Have the sewer system inspected

It is advised to have sump pumps cleaned twice a year, so fall is a great time for the semi-annual chore. Have sewer lines and drains checked out by a professional to make sure everything is in good condition.


There are a number of things that residential and commercial property owners can do to make sure that their building is fit for the upcoming fall. Ignoring these simple maintenance tips and can lead to major issues in your plumbing like cracked pipes, flooding, and more unfortunate incidents. It pays off to keep up-to-date on your property’s plumbing maintenance, something you will see once you get through the fall season without the need for any fixes or repairs. Call the Wyoming plumbers at Valley City Mechanical to get started today!

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