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Do You Need Professional Drain Cleaning?

Some people live with drain problems for a long time before they get a professional drain cleaning. Others try to tackle the problem themselves.

While we respect your desire to do the work necessary in your own home, there are times when you need a pro to work on your drains. We have equipment and technology that you don’t have access to and these can make a huge difference when it comes to finally getting rid of that nasty clog!

Call us as soon as you notice the following problems to schedule your professional drain cleaning soon!

Your Water Won’t Drain

There’s a big difference between a slow drain and one that won’t drain at all. If you notice standing water anywhere in your home and it doesn’t move over a period of several hours, it’s time to call in the professionals. We’ll find out where your drain is blocked and remove the blockage so your water and waste can flow freely once again!

Your Toilets Overflow

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Everyone experiences an overflowing toilet now and then but you shouldn’t be facing these problems regularly. If your toilets are overflowing often (once a week or more), give us a call. We’ll get to the bottom of the problem and make sure there’s not a larger drain issue going on somewhere.

Unusual Smells

Your drains should not smell. Every once in a while, you may get some rotting hair or food waste that causes problems. However, really raunchy smells usually mean there’s a significant clog somewhere. If it smells like sewage, that’s an even bigger sign that you need a professional drain cleaning fast!

Frequent Clogs

Clogs happen, but they shouldn’t happen that often. If you have one every day, or even one every week, call in a plumber to get to the bottom of the problem. If you have several drains clogging at once, especially across your home, call ASAP. This can indicate a sewer clog that needs to be removed fast before you get sewage backing up into your home.

Water Where You Don’t Expect It

Spills happen but backups shouldn’t. If you end up with standing water in your home or in your yard, call us right away. You also shouldn’t have unusual water patterns, like a shower that gets water in it whenever your washing machine drains. If this is happening, you need professional drain cleaning now!

When you need expert drain cleaning in Wyoming, MI turn to Valley City! Call us at the first sign of a problem and we’ll fix your drains fast. It’s our specialty here at Valley City Mechanical so we have the expertise you need!

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