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Why Does My AC Smell?

AC Repair

Why Does My AC Smell?

There’s nothing worse than turning on your air conditioner for some fresh, cool air and smelling an unpleasant odor! Where is it coming from and what’s causing it? The one thing we can agree on is that your home shouldn’t be invaded by strange smells — especially when reliable AC repair is just a call away!

Valley City Mechanical is proud to offer premier air conditioning repairs in the Wyoming, MI area. When you’re stuck holding your nose in your own home, you need the best HVAC repair team on your side. We’ll get to the bottom of that stinky smell and make sure you have all the information you need to decide on a course of action. Contact our team today for all your AC repair needs!

4 Things That Could Be Stinking Up Your Air

Your first course of action when smelling a foul odor should be to eliminate any source in your home that could be the culprit. Once you’re sure the interior of your home is scent-free, AC odors become more likely. Here are some of the most common sources of odors entering your home from your AC vents:


Mold is a tricky fungus that can grow almost anywhere there is moisture. Your AC is responsible for removing humidity from your home, so there is moisture involved in the heating and cooling process. If the process goes wrong or is impeded, your condensate line or drip pan can fill with water. These are perfect places for mold to start growing. Unfortunately, once mold takes hold, it can spread throughout the entire system — including the air ducts!

If you suspect or notice the presence of mold in or around your AC, you’ll need professional air conditioner repair to get rid of every spore!

Mechanical/Electrical Parts

Your air conditioner has several electrical and mechanical components that allow air to be moved and chilled for your home. If any of these components run incorrectly, you may notice a burning or rubber-like smell. The best option is to shut down the system and call a professional. Burning smells usually indicate something is actually burning, and you want to avoid as much damage as possible to the system. 

Pesky Critters

The tight passageways and vents that make up a large portion of your HVAC system are perfect highways for critters to access. Insects and small rodents might find themselves trapped once they’ve entered a tight space and pass away. You probably won’t know you even have critters in your home until the smell reaches your vents. If you can locate the carcass in the ductwork, removing it will likely do the trick. Otherwise, you’ll need experts to locate and safely remove the carcass and make sure your air is passing cleanly to your home.


The easiest smell to get rid of is a dusty or musty smell. If you haven’t used your system in several months, the first time you turn it on will likely smell like dust. Once this dust is cleared, your air should return to normal. If a dusty smell lingers, you might need to clean out your air filter or have a professional check out the ducts. Abnormal accumulations of dust can indicate bigger problems that you want to have addressed sooner rather than later.

Quality AC Repair For Wyoming, MI

No matter what odor comes out of your AC, don’t suffer through it! Valley City Mechanical provides long-lasting solutions with haste to ensure your home is both safe and comfortable to live in. Contact our friendly team today to start your AC repair service request!

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