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AC 101: What’s a Frozen Coil?

AC Repair

AC 101: What’s a Frozen Coil?

You may have heard the term ‘frozen AC coil’ before, but what does that actually mean? Is there snow on your AC? How do you fix the problem and get dependable cooling to your home again?

Valley City Mechanical is here for all your AC repair questions. We provide stellar AC services to the entire Wyoming, MI area, and you can count on us to explain every repair your unit needs before we start working. Keep reading to find out what a frozen coil is and how it can be fixed!

What’s A Frozen AC?

Contrary to what it sounds like, a frozen AC does not actually refer to your air conditioner being encased in ice or snow. Inside your AC there are coils, of tubes, that funnel refrigerant between a liquid and gaseous state. This process is what makes cooling and heating your air possible. When tiny particles of dust and dirt adhere to the outside of the coils, they accumulate condensation over time. The condensation can freeze, keeping the refrigerant inside from moving as it should. This is what we refer to as a frozen AC or frozen coils.

What Causes Frozen Coils?

As mentioned above, the primary reason that coils freeze is due to the presence of tiny particles in the air that get stuck on the outside of the coils. These particles are normal to have in your home and air, but when there are too many, they can cause HVAC repairs like this. Poor indoor air quality can harm more than just your lungs — it affects the efficiency and operation of your entire system!

Another reason your coils might freeze is due to high demand in extreme temperatures. For example, if you are setting your thermostat at 65 degrees during a 100-degree day, your AC unit is going to struggle to function normally. The large difference in temperature can promote more condensation than normal which leads to a higher risk of freezing. 

DIY Frozen Coil AC Repair

If you feel handy and want to try to troubleshoot your AC repair yourself, it is possible for you to resolve frozen coils. Before attempting any repair, turn off the entire system for your safety. Then, locate the panel on the outdoor unit of your air conditioner. Once inside, find the coiled metal tubes — they might be visibly encased in ice. Using a hairdryer, slowly warm the tubes with hot air to get the ice to thaw out. This process can take time, and your system should remain completely off until the ice is thawed. If you don’t feel comfortable taking these actions, we’ve got your back! Contact our team and we’ll make quick work of your frozen coils.

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Our team strives to provide more than fantastic technical skills — we also want your entire experience with us to be out of this world. That’s why we offer 24/7 emergency customer service for any AC repair you have. When you need us, we answer the phone. That’s how we believe business should be done. 

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