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Your AC Is Blowing Warm Air. Now What?

AC Repair

Your AC Is Blowing Warm Air. Now What?

On a warm day, you really need that cool blast of air from your air conditioner. You deserve to be comfortable and safe in your own home, and that means having dependable air conditioning! If you notice that your air never quite reaches that crisp temperature you’re looking for, you probably have an AC repair you need to have addressed.

Valley City Mechanical is the team for you! With years of experience on our team and fully-stocked trucks, we make quick HVAC repair possible. Plus, you can be sure we’ll never leave your home before finding an affordable and reliable solution to your AC problem. Read on to find out the most common reasons your AC is blowing warm air and how Valley City can help you out!

What Causes Warm Air To Blow?

There are several components to the HVAC system, and any one of the can cause temperature malfunctions or trouble cooling. The key to finding the problem your system is having is to call a professional HVAC expert for AC repairs. These are some of the most common things that cause your AC to blow hot air.

Thermostat Settings

The first thing to check in this situation is your thermostat. If your settings have been changed, the system can easily be set to have the fan on but not cool the air. This will cause the warm air in your vents to blow around the home without being cooled. Make sure your thermostat is set to AUTO or COOL.

Frozen Coils

When tiny air particles enter the air conditioning unit, they can stick to the condenser coils that hold refrigerant. The condensation from the chilling process attracts the particles of dust and dirt, securing them to the coils. The coils then start to freeze because they can’t transfer heat the way they’re supposed to. When this happens, the heat from your air is no longer absorbed before it’s sent back into your home. Warm air is likely to start circulating until the coils can be frozen.

Clogged Filter

A clogged filter may not seem like a huge problem, but major AC repairs can form if the filter is left unattended for too long. For example, a severely clogged air filter will start to impede the flow of air in the HVAC system. This puts strain on the AC unit, sometimes causing it to operate inefficiently and blow warm air.

Blocked Air Ducts

You may even have a problem in your air ducts. Blockages or obstacles inside the air ducts could not only stop the flow of air, but they can also cause temperature loss as the air travels around them. If you notice both weak and warm air from your vents, a professional might need to take a look in your air ducts.

Work With AC Repair Professionals

Your AC can be dependable and accurate, but you’ll need an expert team to keep it that way! Valley City Mechanical is your go-to team for thorough HVAC repairs, and we always ensure your unit is working before we leave your home. Be confident in your cooling system by using our stellar AC repairs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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