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AC Maintenance

Many homeowners don’t think much about air conditioning maintenance in Wyoming, MI until it’s too late and their A/C is already broken or struggling. Regular HVAC maintenance can help your air conditioner last longer and save you money on repairs, too.

When you bring in HVAC technicians from Valley City Mechanical to work on your air conditioning in Wyoming, MI, you’re calling in some of the best A/C experts in the city.

What is AC Maintenance?

All of our AC tune ups in Wyoming, MI include these four steps.

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  1. We’ll visually evaluate your whole HVAC system. If we can see it, we’ll take a look. This includes the wires and hoses running between your air conditioner and your house, your ductwork, the outside of all units, and more.
  2. We’ll replace your filters. If you don’t have a traditional HVAC system, you may not have these or they may look different. As long as we can access them easily and they need changing, we’ll install new ones.
  3. We’ll clean out any areas we can reach. There are places on your air conditioning unit and in your system where dust and debris often collect. We’ll clean off the coils and any other dust we can reach. This makes it easier for your system to bring in the outdoor air that it requires.
  4. We’ll test each component of your system against the manufacturer’s specifications. This lets us see how efficiently the air conditioner is working and whether certain parts are wearing out.

If we discover that anything is wrong with your AC during our air conditioning maintenance in Wyoming, MI, we’ll notify you. We’ll fix it if you want us to, or you can choose to wait.

Either way, you’ll know the condition of your air conditioning in Wyoming, MI and what you can expect from it when it gets hot.

The Benefits of HVAC Maintenance

Homeowners may believe that air conditioning maintenance is just another expense but they are wrong. Regular AC tune ups in Wyoming, MI can benefit most homeowners in a few ways.

  • It reduces your energy usage. When your air conditioner isn’t pulling outside air in through dense layers of dust and debris, it doesn’t have to work as hard. This saves you money on energy costs and reduces the overall load on your energy company.
  • It reduces wear and tear. When the AC system works too hard, it can burn out your motor faster than you might have expected. We’ll make it easier for your AC to do its job so you don’t have to repair or replace it as frequently.
  • It saves you stress. If we find a part that isn’t working and can replace it now, you don’t risk having an AC breakdown when it’s hot outside. Repairing things ahead of time is much easier than replacing them in an emergency.

Call Valley City Mechanical for AC Maintenance in Wyoming, MI!

Call us at Valley City Mechanical if it’s time for air conditioning maintenance in Wyoming, MI. We’ll get you on our schedule ASAP so you can have the peace of mind that comes from knowing your AC will work well for you this year.

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