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Valley City Mechanical performs seasonal maintenance for your AC system.
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AC Maintenance in Wyoming, MI

When was the last time you showed a little attention to your car? Did you put gas in it this week? Did you get an oil change done when you were supposed to? Did you get it inspected and registered this year? We bet you did because that maintenance is important to making sure your machine runs efficiently.

That’s why it’s so important to have preventative AC maintenance completed on your unit every year. There are so many benefits to giving your unit a little attention — and with Valley City Mechanical, it can be stress free and easy!

Your Cooling Experts For Preventative Maintenance

Your AC contractor is an important team in your life. You need someone you can count on to keep your AC healthy and swiftly handle any repairs that crop up. That’s why Valley City Mechanical is your best option for reliable and thorough AC maintenance. We set ourselves high standards of service so that you get the experience you deserve!

You can trust our team to look out for your AC’s health. With years of experience on our side and a true passion for service, you can rest easy knowing our professionals have given your unit a thorough assessment and are dedicated to its health. When it comes to who you trust your AC with, we know it can be a tough decision. Luckily, we do everything within our power to make it the easiest choice you make!

What’s Included In An AC Tune-Up?

A tune-up appointment is not just a glance over of your unit and a thumbs up. Our professional technicians take the time to give your system a full evaluation so that its performance is the best it can be for your home. Our tune-ups consist of three important factors:

1. Diagnostic Assessment

With a comprehensive checklist of parts and functions handy, our technicians assess your system completely. Every moving part, every tube and bolt and connection that could be worn down is double checked for proper function. When we’re finished, you’ll be confident that your crisp, conditioned air is dependable.

2. Efficiency Settings

It’s not enough that your air conditioner is simply working — you want it to be running as efficiently as possible! That’s where we come in. While we evaluate your system, we can adjust settings to make sure the airflow, temperature and chill production is the best it can be for your home.

3. Comfort Questions

You’re the one that has to live with your AC every day, and we want your experience to be crisp and frosty! Your AC tune-up appointment is the perfect time to express your questions and concerns to our friendly technicians. They can give you the answers and help you need to stay comfortable throughout the year.

Ready To Schedule Your AC Tune-Up?

If you’re ready to stop putting it off, it’s time to have your AC evaluated! Our team has your back, and your AC and your wallet will thank you for the care and attention. Trust Valley City Mechanical with your AC maintenance today, and give us a call!

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