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Financing Options with Valley City Mechanical!

Valley City Mechanical offers top-notch installations and replacements for your home’s heating, air conditioning, and plumbing systems. Sometimes it is more cost-effective to get new equipment in place instead of trying to continually repair older components. However, sometimes finances can be tight but you still need those HVAC and plumbing upgrades. To help you get the services and systems you need to keep you and your family comfortable, we have teamed up with financial companies FTL Finance and GreenSky!

FTL Finance offers flexible financing options that help you make the most of your pocketbook. With a variety of loan options and convenient online account management and support, FTL Financing will work with you to find the best financial plan to fit your budget!

To see if you are eligible for financing, please click this link here to review an online financing form from FTL Finance.

GreenSky® Financing

The financing options offered through GreenSky® are another affordable way for contractors to offer great financing options to customers like you! Banks that have teamed up with GreenSky have financed over one million home improvement projects, and work with more than a dozen leading banks around the nation.

Consider GreenSky as a link between contractors, their customers and banks. They work together and simplify the entire loan process, from application, to decision/approval, to payments

To see if you are eligible for financing through GreenSky, click this link here, and enter our Merchant ID: # 81065190

Call Valley City to Learn More About Our Financing Options!

Why wait to get the plumbing, heating, or cooling project you need done today when you can finance it easily and confidently thanks to FTL Finance & GreenSky® teaming up with Valley City Mechanical? To learn more about which services and equipment are eligible for financing, please call (616) 591-4786 or contact us online at your first convenience.

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